Hi guys, amongst the latest Microsoft Windows Operating system Windows Modules Installer Worker is most obvious and popular error.So, if you are a Windows user and face the Windows Modules Installer Worker error, you’re not only whose face this problem.Many other peoples also suffer from the same problem on their Windows operating system and you are come to the right place to solve Windows Modules Installer Worker problem.

In latest Windows 10, Windows Modules Installer Worker is mainly found, so guys if you are a Windows 10 users then you definitely encounter this error.The Windows Modules Installer Worker doesn’t damage your data or files but it makes the computer extremely slow and you suffer too much problem while you are using your computer.So, it’s important to resolve this Windows Modules Installer Worker problem.

So, whenever you feel like your computer getting slow and you’re using the Windows 10 then most probably Windows Modules Installer Worker is the reason for making your computer or Laptop slow.You can also check your system usage by just opening Windows Task Manager.

Windows Modules Installer Worker also creates a Problem whenever you are using any kind of Heavy software like Android Studio, Photoshop etc. then you mostly face “Not Responding” problem whenever you start your software or any kind of heavy games.So, it’s a headache for both types of peoples gamers and developers, if you want to know reason and solution then read the post completely.

What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker Error?

Windows Modules Installer Worker is a windows service which checks for Windows Update.It checks for windows update and if the update is available, it prepares your computer and installs the new update on your computer.But most of the time Windows Modules Installer Worker service cause the hight CPU and Disk Usage.

And the High CPU usage makes your computer slow.But, sometimes Windows Modules Installer Worker service is important for your computer and it’s check for latest update for your windows 10.So, it depends on you to keep this or not Windows Modules Installer Worker service.

Why Windows Modules Installer Worker Comes To Your System?

I think there is nothing left to explain about Windows Modules Installer Worker service.But now I can explain why Windows Modules Installer Worker comes to your computer.The main reason of Windows Modules Installer Worker services is the tiworker.exe application which mostly found in every Windows Operating System to Update and Install the Windows Update to your computer.But sometime tiworker.exe getting unstable and then it makes your computer slow and it uses the hight CPU and Disk resources.

But the Problem starts when your CPU usage goes up to 90% and because of full CPU usage your computer getting freeze and lags.And due to this high CPU usage, you need to restart your computer by force to restart option.But after the force restart, there is still a possibility of coming Windows Modules Installer Worker problem.So, force restart is not a permanent solution for this Problem.

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How Windows Modules Installer Worker Comes To Your System?

Now I am going to describe you how windows modules installer worker problem comes to your computer.As I said before windows modules installer worker is not an error but most of the people call it the error because it’s irritating peoples so much and slow down their Compute or Laptop.But sometimes people think windows modules installer worker slow their computer because not having enough system specification.But it isn’t the reason, Microsoft includes a tool called Installer Worker tool which works to fetch Windows updates and install all the necessary updates.

But now everybody will think what is the reason behind the windows modules installer worker error If I’ve said it’s part of the Windows updates!

So, windows modules installer worker is the part of the windows update and its check for the windows update and install all the necessary updates.But we all know there is Problem in the Windows OS if any application or programmes unstable or you can say that it loses its stability then it will hang your Computer or laptop and the same problem with the windows modules installer worker service.When your working on your computer or laptop sometime windows modules installer worker gone unstable then it shows a popup and then you system freeze and slow down.

How To Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker

So, guys here are the 5 solutions for the windows modules installer worker problem, try the solution which suits you.And all these are the permanent solution of windows modules installer worker error and you’re not facing the problem again after applying any of the solutions.So guys not taking too much of time let’s start

Method 1: By Turning Off Automatic Update

If you any windows users “what is the most irritating thing about windows?”  he’ll answer you the Windows Automatic Updates whether it is Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.In every version of the Windows OS, you’ll get the Automatic updates and I think most of the windows users hate this thing.

If you are using the free copy of Windows which you have downloaded from the Windows official website and you notice that when you connect to the internet messages show up Windows is not genuine and suddenly some features of Windows are disabled.And after a minute you connect from the internet, another problem comes from windows modules installer worker which slow down or hang your PC.

For turning off the Windows Automatic Update follow steps below:

  1. Open RUN by pressing the Win+R key
  2. Type services.msc and press enter.
  3. Now a new window will open, scroll to end and find the service name called “Windows Modules Installer”                                                                                 Windows Modules Installer Worker
  4. Double-click on the Windows Modules Installer to process to the next step
  5. Now guys select the Startup type Automatic to Manual  and Stop the service by click on the Stop and now Apply all the changes and click on the OK                          Windows Modules Installer Worker
  6. Guys work is not over yet, again find another service name ” Windows Update”         Windows Modules Installer Worker
  7. Double-click on the Windows Update
  8. Now similarly set the startup type Automatic to Manual  and click on the Stop and apply the changes then click on OK                                                                           Windows Modules Installer Worker
  9. Now reboot your computer and your problem is solved.

After rebooting the computer, your CUP usage get back to normal and there is no lag on your PC or Laptop.But if you still face the same problem of windows modules installer worker you can try the next method to solve your problem.

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Method 2: Set Priority Of TiWorker.exe To Low

All you know that TiWorker.exe is the application which slows down your computer and you have to force to restart your computer to make your computer back to normal form.So guys to solve this windows modules installer worker problem we need to set the priority of the TiWorker.exe application to Low.Let’s get start guys

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shfit+Ecs key
  2. Now go to the Detail Tab and find TiWorker.exe process on the Detail tab                Windows Modules Installer Worker
  3. Right-click on the TiWorker.exe and select the Set priority option to the Low               Windows Modules Installer Worker
  4. Now close all tab and reboot/restart your computer.

After setting TiWorker.exe priority to Low and after restarting the computer, now the windows modules installer worker problem solved and your high CPU usage getting Low.

Method 3: By Using Windows Startup Repair

In above two methods we are solving windows modules installer worker by turning off Windows automatic update and setting the priority of TiWorker.exe to Low, so if the above two methods won’t work in this case you need to try Windows Startup Repair.I think it will fix your windows modules installer worker issue, so let’s start guys

Note: To perform Startup Repair method you need to make a USB bootable for Windows 10 or if you don’t have bootable USB flash drive then follow steps

  1. Simply hold down the Shift Key while clicking on restart available on nay Power icon to reboot your computer into Advanced Startup Options.
  2. After following above step then you’ll be in the Advanced Startup option screen, now simply choose the Troubleshoot option.                                                                  Windows Modules Installer Worker
  3. Now choose the Advanced option from Troubleshoot screen.                                    Windows Modules Installer Worker
  4. On the Advanced options screen, select Startup Repair option.                                 Windows Modules Installer Worker

Now Startup Repair Slove your windows modules installer worker problem and you no more see the windows modules installer worker error to your computer.

Method 4: By Using DISM Tool

To slove windows modules installer worker error now we are going to use DISM Tool, you can also use the DISM tool to fix your Windows corrupted files.By the help command prompt, you guys solve your windows modules installer worker error so follow step

  1. Go to starts menu and search for Command Prompt, and run it as admin.
  2. Type a command ” Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth ” and press Enter.
  3. Now, wait and watch, DISM tool will search all the corrupt component on your system and it will repair all the corrupted component.
  4. Now it will inform you it will fix all your corrupted component.
  5. Close all the open tabs and reboot your computer.

After restarting your computer is go back to normal and you never see the windows modules installer worker error on your Computer or Laptop, also all your corrupted component are repaired and now your system run smoothly.

Method 5: Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

It’s the easiest way to the windows modules installer worker problem, Windows Update Troubleshooter is a pre-installed Windows 10 application and it works similar to Windows Startup Repair. And you can easily solve the windows modules installer worker problem by using this application. It simply downloads and fixes all the error on your Windows 10 by installing new required updates.

Note: First you need to download the Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft’s Website to further proceed this method and if you already have this application then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

  1. Open the Windows Update Troubleshooter and it will check the Windows Update issues or fault and make all the bug and error Fixed.
  2. Now after some time, it will display a message ” Troubleshooting has Completed “.
  3. Now reboot your computer and you are done.

Hopefully, this last method works on your computer and your problem has solved, it’s the easiest method among all of the Five methods to solve the windows modules installer worker error.And it does not only solve High CUP usage issues but also it will fix your Windows corrupted files.

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These are all 5 methods to fix the windows modules installer worker error and I hope your problem has been solved and now you’ll enjoy while you are gaming or working on your PC, I hope you’ll never see the High CPU usage problem on your computer and one these resolve your problem completely.We all know that TiWorker.exe does not always cause the windows modules installer worker problem and it also very important for our computer, it installs all kind of Updates on PC but sometimes it gets unstable and causes the windows modules installer worker error.

And if you face any problem any of these methods, you can ask me without any hesitation by the commenting on this post. And if this post works for you and your High CPU Usage solve, then comment and share your experience with other users and if you solve your windows modules installer worker error then you can help other people who face the problem.


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