Hi guys, we all know that internet is a very big place to search something and sometimes we find what we search and sometimes not, so as you understand from the title today we are discuss about Weird Websites or the useless websites.Here I brought Weird Websites or the useless websites, It is estimated that the Internet hosted more than 1,116,136,460 websites and going on increasing the counting.And most of the website on the internet is about technology, gadgets, music, games and other interesting information, but as we know that internet has also a different side of which there are lots of weird websites or the useless websites which make you laugh, shock, entertain, and some might shock you, and some might even cause you to question your sanity.

And to find all the weird website and the useless websites on the internet you want to live more than 2000 years.But you don’t need to wait for as much time and we have done the work for you and create the list of weird websites or the useless websites present on the internet.So, do not waste too much time, here is the list of some weird websites or the useless websites.

Top Weird Websites

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the useless websites

Cleverbot is a chatterbot web application which uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to chat with humans and I bet you don’t realize that you chat with a bot because it feels like you really had a conversation with a human.So, if your day is going boring or you want to chat with someone without any hesitation, then no worries this bot will make your day an interesting and helps you to feel good.

Well, now after seeing the Cleverbot we can say that it’s a part of weird websites but not part of the useless websites because it’s very smart.So why are you waiting, go and chat with the Cleverbot, And believe me it’s really very smart.

Visit from here: Clever Bot

2. The Zombie Dance

weird websites and the useless websites

This is really a weird website or you can say that the useless website because when you go to this website you can see the zombies which are dancing to a weird music.This website is not useful but it can refresh your mind because it’s very funny to see zombies to dancing on a music.

So, guys take some popcorn and enjoy the Zombies dance show😜.

3. Zombo

weird websites and the useless websites

If a man with very heavy voice says that ” welcome to zombocom, anything is possible at zombocom.You can do anything at Zombo” and the voice, again and again, repeats the same sentence.So, if your day is going bad and every buddy is demotivating you then you should try this Zombo.com because it really motivates you and feels you special.

But we all know that it’s a weird website because hearing a heavy voice which repeating a sentence, again and again, make this website little bit weird, but it’s not in the list of the useless websites.

Visit from here: Zombo.com

4. Eel Slap

weird websites and the useless websites

Basically, it’s  the useless website in which you can slap a man on the screen by an eel which is grabbed by a hand by using your mouse pointer, how quick the user mover the mouse(one point to another) faster the eel slap to the man face.The website has nothing to offer you but surely it can kill your boredom and make you entertain for some time.

Visit from here: Eel Slap

5. r33b

weird websites and the useless websites

This is really a weird website because when you go to this website a toad is want to hypnotize you with his creepy eyes and a weird music and call himself Hypnotoad.And also there is a text written their All GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.This is fully a use useless website but it’s very popular.So, go and check should a toad has hypnotized you or not and experience the Hypnotoad.

Visit from here: r33b.net

6. Endless Horse

weird websites and the useless websites

The name of this website told everything about this site, it’s the most useless websites and made for the wasting time.The Endless horse similar to its name, there will be a horse which made by text and the legs of the horse will never end, then how much you scroll down and does efforts to find the end part.

So, don’t have anything to do then you should try the endless horse and find the end of this horse😜.

Visit from here: Endless horse

7. Falling Falling

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weird websites and the useless websites

The Falling Falling is one of the top weirdest websites available on the internet.This website shows the different colors of the wall which keep falling down in an endless way and never reach its end like a loop and keep falling and falling.Also sometimes it gives the hypnotizing effect and gives you some kind of a headache.So, if ever experience this kind of weird website then you should try this.

Visit from here: Falling Falling 

8. Test Gay

weird websites and the useless websites

This website is the little bit weird but very interesting and you’ll enjoy to use it.It’s a website which tells are you gay or not by asking you some weird question.Now you can say that how a website tells me I am gay or not, but guys believe me it really does and I think you all should.And it’s very funny you went die from laughing and this website asks a very weird question which makes him weirdest websites.

Visit from here: Test Gay

9. I look like Barack Obama

It is really Funny to hear that a white person say that he looks like Barack Obama.We don’t know if this dude is being serious or he’s just having fun.What’s so weird about it?But he said, that people on the street stop him and tell he looks like the Barack Obama the X president of America. LoL!And he also said that you guys contact him to invite him to your parties even he doesn’t look like Barack Obama.Go and visit the site.

Visit from here: I look like Barack Obama

10. Zoom Quilt

weird websites and the useless websites

The Zoom Quilt is one of the best illusion websites I have ever see.Have you ever imagine a website which is zooming infinitely on a picture and different type of images comes one after other.So, basically, the zoom quilt is a never-ending infinite zoom illusion which is produced by a flash technology.In my opinion, the zoom quilt is one of the best and weird websites present on the internet.

Visit from here: Zoom Quilt

11. Jello Time

weird websites and the useless websites

If you are a jelly lover and like the wiggling of jelly then you should really like this website.But it’s a really weird website which only makes for wiggle a jelly.When you move your mouse over the jelly surface then the jelly is getting the wiggle in a hypnotic way.So, if you like the wiggling of jellies then you really want to visit the jellotime.com.

Visit from here: Jello Time

12. Haneke

weird websites and the useless websites

This site is really a weird website and weird place that only the strange and jazziest people will enjoy this website and I really don’t know what is the main purpose of this website.I might be little harsh with my review of haneke.net, but I have tried hard to know about this weird website but again I say that it might be enjoyable for even normal persons who love to find little details on a picture or like complicated machinery.

Visit from here: Haneke

13. Pointer Pointer

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weird websites and the useless websites

The Pointer-Pointer is coming on the list of most awesome and interesting websites, I have ever seen in my life.This website requires you want to move your mouse cursor or pointer at any point on your web browser screen.When your cursor is still at a point then a photo of a person whose pointing at your pointer appears.And if you move again the cursor then another Pic will be displayed pointing your new direction of the cursor.So, In my opinion, you really want to visit the pointer-pointer and you were shocked when you see the images they are pretty random.  

Visit from here: Pointer Pointer

14. Zombie Passion

weird websites and the useless websites

This is one of the weirdest websites for dating and social networking.And if you are a zombie lover and like zombie moves then surely you like this website.But for me, it is very weird website because why anybody wants’s to date zombies face man or women. So, if you like the zombie stuff and want a zombie partner then go and visit the website.

Visit from here: Zombie Passion

15. SnapBubbles

weird websites and the useless websites

You always notice that when you order something delicate and precious it will come warp with a bubble wrap and you love to snap the bubbles from the bubbles wrap.So, you want to snap some more bubbles then visit the snap bubbles website.I also popped some bubbles on this website and it’s really awesome like real one.

Visit from here: SnapBubbles


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So, guys, that’s the list of the weird websites, I know that it’s a long list but you should open the most of the list and see how weird these websites are.Some of them are the useless websites but some other is actually the interesting and awesome weird websites which really kill your free time very easily.Some of the websites give the shock and you won’t believe that is their such type of weird websites exists on the internet.

So, if you like these weird websites then do share this post with your friends and show them some wired websites which they never see.And subscribe to the KCGeek for more awesome posts like this.Thanks for coming.


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