Hi friends, we all would agree that iPhone is the best and lastest tech smartphone at present and it’s Apple store has the huge collection of iOS apps and other awesome games, but unfortunately for any reason, we don’t have the iPhone to try those Apps and games.But now this problem is solved by the iOS emulator or you can say that iPhone emulator for windows users, the iOS emulator allows you to run the Apple app store each and every application, software and, games into your Personal computer or Laptop.Now from the iOS emulator, Windows users also try the iPhone features and feel the performance of iOS and we all know that it doesn’t give you proper feel and performance of an iOS device but because of the iOS emulator you can able to run all the software and games of the iOS present at the Apple App store.

So, In this article, I am going to suggest you some best iOS emulator for windows which is free of cost, you don’t need to pay, just download and enjoy the iOS Games and Apps.And you can run the iOS emulator in every version of Windows( Vista,7,8,10).

About iOS Emulator

iOS emulator is the software which allows you to run iOS Application or Games on your Windows PC or Laptop similarly like an iOS Device.After installing any iOS emulator to your PC, it allows one computer like different software called the guest and you can run application and software guest on your PC or Laptop.So, Emulator is the software which acts like a simulator or virtual machine that allows you to do things that iOS device truly do.

There is wide use of the iOS emulator between developers when anyone has to test the software or app on the other devices they can run the developed software or app on the emulator. So, the iOS emulator does the same like other emulators, it will create the separate atmosphere to run the iOS application and games on Windows PC with same computer hardware.

Actually, these iOS emulators are generally intended for developers for the testing app and other programs.But now other peoples also use the iOS emulator for playing games and run apps.And you also know that the iOS emulator creates the copy of the hardware and then it runs the app or game on the Windows.

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Benefits Of Using An iOS Emulator

The iOS emulator or you can say that iPhone emulator, basically developed for run Apps and play Games that are only played on Apple devices, but because of iOS emulator, you can also play on your Windows PC or laptop.And iOS emulator also serves you various benefits like-

  • The biggest advantage of the iOS emulator is it free of use and you don’t need to pay anything to download it.
  • The iOS emulator doesn’t require any kind of high tech processor for installing.The older process also run it.
  • By the use of iOS emulator, you can also check for iOS apps that are developed.
  • By using the iOS emulator you can run the application on multiple devices.
  • The iOS emulator is very fast and it’s very easy to use like a piece of cake.
  • And if your a developer then in the iOS emulator you will find may tool that very useful for a developer for this work.
  • And if like to learn about Xcode development, iOS development program then iOS emulator helps you to learn code better and efficiently.
  • The iOS emulator makes very easy to test how your apps will work on other devices.

There are lots of iOS emulators are present and you don’t know which one is best and which is worst, so here we’ll list the best iOS emulators for your Windows PC or Laptop, so you could easily find the emulator you want and run on your Windows computer.

Advantages Of Using The iOS Emulator

  • It’s free to use, you don’t want to pay any kind of amount to use the iOS Emulator.
  • Simple installation, it’s simple to install and take less time in installing.
  • And the UI of the iOS Emulator is very user-friendly and simple to use.
  • The iOS emulator also runs on old processors and no special requirement for the high-tech processor.
  • Faster and simple Programming.
  • The iOS emulator provides the latest OS with the new release.

Now you know all the advantages and use of the iOS Emulator but many iOS Emulator, people use are not properly customized for use on the desktop or laptop.So, I am curating a list of best iOS Emulator for Windows, which helps you to find iOS emulator which suits you and run smoothly on your computer or laptop.So let’s begin our hunt for Top 20 iOS Emulator for windows that are user-friendly and flexible in use.

Top 10 iOS Emulator for Windows


ios emulator

iPadian is an iPad emulator for Windows, it can be described in a word that it’s “awesome” and “beautiful”.The iPadian is allowed you to access all the iOS app and games on your Windows PC or Laptop.Its graphical user interface is same as the iPad, when you try this iOS emulator you feel like you use the real iPad.Generally, I will use this iPadian for only Play Games and Apps, but you can also do much more things in iPadian.

And I want to inform you that, not all the apps will run on it.But most of the Apps run on it very smoothly.It allows you to use iMessage app which only uses in the iPad or iPhone and through this iMessage, you can send the message from windows device to any iPad user.And from iPadian can easily get access to all iOS apps from Apps store and download them for free.

This emulator is available in two versions free version which is best for users who only use iOS Apps on PC and second version is Paid version which costs is 10$ in this version you get more additional inbuilt features.

Download iPadian


ios emulator

The Smartface is famous as an iOS emulator basically, the Smartface is developed for testers and developers of native iOS Apps.Smartface is mostly used for developing cross-platform apps and it’s essentially a full-featured enterprise mobility management platform that reliable, less time consuming and cut cost.This iOS emulator has provided the full debugging option for iOS apps that help you if your a developer and, also this iOS emulator is very flexible to operate and provide full support to developers.

The feature of the Smartface is, it provides plugins support to extend the Smartface apps, has Javascript library, it easily tests apps and fixes debugs and has the best and famous design editor WYSIWYG.And this iOS emulator comes with two versions free version and paid version, the paid version unlock some more feature in Smartface and you can get the paid version in $99.

Download SmartFace

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iPhone Emulator

ios emulator


It’s the best iOS emulator for experience the iPhone on the Windows device, by installing this iOS emulator it virtually turns your Windows Desktop into an iPhone interface.It’s allowed you to access all the iOS app and games on your Windows PC or Laptop.Its graphical user interface is same as the iPhone.When you try this iOS emulator you feel like you use the real iPhone.And if your a geek and want take the experience of iPhone then this iOS emulator best for you.

The main highlight of the iPhone Emulator, it’s vibrant graphics experience that emulator provides and the quality of the graphics was very high and gives you the exact same experience of the iPhone.

And believe me, when you will once use this iOS emulator you will fell in love with this Emulator and this emulator feel like you are using a real iPhone not an iOS emulator.It’s free of cost, but in this emulator you cannot get access to all the apps.

Download iPhone  Emulator

Mobione Studio

ios emulator

Mobione Studio is the best and reliable iOS emulator for Windows PC, it will allow you to perform each and every work that an iPhone or iPad can do.It’s user-interface is user-friendly, and you can easily understand the all the feature and settings of this iOS Emulator very easily.You can use this emulator for accessing status notification on the desktop, sharing links and apps through email, and check the status of your iOS apps with the help of  AppCenter progress view.

Unfortunately, this iOS emulator is not free of cost but if pay for this app it will be worthy of it because it is a very effective emulator and you develop any apps in this emulator without any trouble.But for several years the service of the Mobione Studio was stopped but you still use it and runs apps in this iOS emulator.

Download Mobione Studio


ios emulator

The APP.IO is the another best iOS emulator for Windows, this iOS emulator works online.In this emulator, you need to upload the iOS App APK file to continue to the next step.Uploading is the most crucial process, it may take more than 30min if the internet connection is slow.After uploading the file it’s very easy to access and navigate the app, and in APP.IO you no need to install any kind of software.

In APP.IO it’s very simple to sync your iOS app pack and also you can simple stream apps for your cloud storage on any device like Mac, Windows, Tablet, and Android.And it’s app sync feature is the advantage for you because you can access your app for any device you don’t need to download the app again, APP.IO is available free for 7-day trial.

Download APP.IO

iPad Simulator

ios emulator

iPad simulator is a Google Chrome extension that functions in google chrome on Cloud Operation system.But due to some reasons, iPad Simulator has removed for the Google Chrome Webstore.This extension serves you to access all the apps and Siri without buying an iPad and in this iPad simulator user send the message using iMessage you can enable the Siri by long pressing the button.

The main feature of the iOS emulator is, you can get the Siri without buying the iPad, access everything in the cloud, and you can access everything for your cloud storage to your desktop very easily.But now the iPad simulator is not available right now, so can’t get this for Google Chrome Webstore.

Not available(remove from Chrome Webstore)

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AIR iPhone Emulator

ios emulator

The AIR iPhone is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows that give the virtual look of iPhone to your Windows PC or Laptop.But before you install AIR iPhone emulator on your PC or Laptop you need to install the Adobe Air on your PC to run this emulator without any problem.This emulator copy the Graphical User Interface of the iPhone to your Windows PC and this emulator works similar to iPhone, else you can say it makes the replica of the iPhone device.

And, you can access some pre-installed apps which come with iPhone device like weather, music, Mail, Safari etc. but you can’t access all the apps from this emulator, it’s failed to run some Apple app store apps and games.But you must try this emulator because it has a glorious user interface and run very smoothy in windows.

This AIR iPhone emulator is available at free of cost and in my opinion, it’s a very good alternative to the iPadian.

Download AIR iPhone


ios emulator

Appetize is the another online iPhone Emulator and alternative to App.IO emulator.It’s an online emulator and allows users to experience iOS apps for cloud storage.And the best part of this emulator, you don’t need to install any kind of additional software to your Computer just to Appetize.io and use this emulator.

It’s the entirely an online base emulator, so you just take the medium experience of iOS then this is the best emulator for you.This emulator has many features for its users in store and it gives the free live iOS demo.

User use the emulator is for free about 100min per month but after exceeding the Limit of the usage, user will be charged for $0.05 per minute.So, it’s best for those users who use the iOS for the small term.

Get Appetize.IO

Xamarin Testflight

ios emulator

Xamarin Testflight is one of the best iOS emulators for windows PC to run iOS app efficiently.I know that its free version is not so efficient, but while the paid version is awesome and comes in a couple of bucks, But the features of this emulator make it worthwhile for paying money for it.The Xamarin Testflight is being associated with Apple and being an apple product it gives you fast and comfortable experience.

If you are an app developer and you are going to publish any of your apps to the Apple App Store, you can try this emulator and test the app demo before publishing to App Store.This emulator has all functionality, Advanced support, and many other features.

It comes with the user-friendly interface.In this emulator, you can only run the apps which are base on iOS 8 or above version.If your app version is below 8 then your app will not work on this emulator.

Download  Xamarin Testflight

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Nintendo 3DS

ios emulator

If your gamer and love to play Smartphone games then Nintendo 3DS is the best choice for you. Nintendo 3DS is the best iOS Emulator for those who love games, you just only download this emulator and run any type of iOS games on your Windows PC or Laptop. And the best thing about this emulator, it’s free of cost you just only download and install.

And Nintendo 3DS also supports some of the 3D based games. Nintendo company is famous for making gaming consoles and it’s very popular at some time in all over the world. It is the best and highly recommend iOS emulator for gaming purpose.

It’s very simple and easy to use and can easily run the High Graphic games quickly on the Windows PC or Laptop. So, in my opinion, it’s the best and reliable emulator for running the high-end iOS games to windows.

Download Nintendo 3DS

What’s Your Choice?

So, friends, this is the list of Best iOS Emulator for Windows if anyone asks you that which is best iOS emulator for Windows so doesn’t forget to share this post with them.And if you like this post and select the iOS emulator for this list then lets us know how it’s and how is your experience the emulator by the comment.

So, I hope that you like this article and if you don’t find any iOS emulator which suits then you ask me about your choice, I’ll try to find the best emulator for you. And please let me know in the comment if I have missed any Emulator that you recently using or know about the emulator.




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