How To Download Paid iOS Apps For Free Without Jailbreak


Hi, guys today in this article I show you how you can download the paid apps for iOS without Jailbreak, everybody love to get paid things for free. In today world billions of people use the iPhone and one of the important things is the Apps that are being developed for it, but In the Apple store, there are lots of apps are paid and you can’t get them for free. So, today we’re gonna show you how you can download the Paid iOS app for free without jailbreak( without voiding your iPhone warranty).

As we all know iOS is one of the best OS for Smartphones and iPhone games/apps are also awesome. If you also own an iPhone you also experience that the apps and games of the iOS are really awesome, compatible and user-friendly. So, you are also an iPhone fan like me then its the right place for you. Also, you know that many iOS apps are paid or need the Premium subscription, so now you come here for the solution to download iOS app free without jailbreak.

Most of the iPhone users spend lots of money on purchasing apps from AppStore to get that app. But it’s not worth to spend money on a mobile app it’s just wastage of money and some of the iOS app very expensive that it makes the hole in your pocket. So, if you are also tired of wasting money on these apps then this article helps you in saving your money.


  • No Jailbreak required to get these paid iOS apps for free
  • It’s safe to download and not violate your security
  • It does not cause any damage to your device
  • Provide access you to numbers of Mod games and tweaked apps.
  • Most efficient way to get premium apps
  • It’s the virus-free method

What is Jailbreaking: Harmful or Helpful

So, guys, I am personly do not advice anyone to Jailbreak iPhone, but most of the iPhone users jailbreak their devices without knowing the outcomes of their action. So, now first let me first explain you about jailbreaking iPhone and how it affects your device.

When you try to jailbreak your iOS device what you do is, you delete the official iOS (which comes pre-installed when you purchase your iOS device) and install another operating system which just looks like iOS.But it’s little bit harmful because when you are using another operating system you simple risking your personal data security because iOS is the most secure operating system as compared to other.

And also when you jailbreak your iPhone it allows you to download apps from anywhere and on any website, but now you’re thinking what’s wrong in this.why? because you don’t trust that app you download from the website. Because it might have some virus or malware and also it harms you about your personal data security. So, guys, it’s not a good choice to jailbreak your iPhone, so here are some way to download paid apps for free iOS games without jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak Paid iOS Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

So, here are some methods to download paid iOS apps for free. And also here I’m sharing more than one methods to download Paid iOS Apps for free because if the first method won’t work for you then you can try another one. Let star and download some paid iOS apps for free without the jailbreak in 2018.

  • Unlock your iPhone and Open this site on your  Browser.
  • Once the site load on your Safari browser, click on the blue button. This site is in the Chinese language so you need to translate the page into English.

  • Now after taping on the blue button a popup screen comes on your screen and ask you to install the tongbu App.
  • You just need to tap on the Install.

  • After completing the installation of the tongbu app, now you just open the app and search any iOS app that you want to download for free. Once you find the paid iOS you need to download for free then tap on the green button( it’s a download button label with the Chinese language).
  • After clicking on the download button your app is starting to download. Once the is completely download a popup screen ask to install the app.
  • Simply tap on the install button and it will install on your iPhone.

Download Paid iOS App For Free Using AppEven

So, guys, this is another method to get paid apps for free iOS without jailbreak, so if your previous method didn’t work for you then it helps you to download paid iOS apps for free without jailbreak. It’s one of the best ways to download any patched games on your iPhone but if it running on the iOS 11 or few older version. In this method, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, you just need your iPhone is running on the latest iOS version.

So, without any further delay lets start

  • Just same as above your need to open this site on your Safari browser.
  • Once the site opens on your browser you could see a blue button with apple icon and written download on it.

  • After clicking on the download button, now a popup message comes on your screen and ask you to download the appeven app or not. Just tap on the install button.

  • Now if you try to open the app it might not be open because of the untrusted profile, os you just need to follow some step to make this app trusted.                                          Go to  Settings-> General-> Device Management. Now search for Phelica Inc and tap on it and a popup screen appears just click on ” Trust”.
  • Now simply open the app and search for your desired paid iOS app you need to download for free and after few second your find your desired paid iOS app, just click on the download button and enjoy the app.


And on the best thing about this app is it available in English and everyone can use this app easily and apply this method. So, if this method works for you then inform us by comment it works for you.

Download Patched Games and Apps For iOS 11 or Lower Version Without Jailbreak

It’s the last method to download Patched games and Apps for free without jailbreaking your iPhone.In all over the world everyone like to play mod games but you can’t install on your iOS device. By this method, you can easily install on your iOS device.

  • Open this page on your Safari browser.
  • After the page load, now you see two options click on the first one “Install AppValley”.

  • Now a popup screen comes to your screen and asks you to install it on your device.
  • Tap to Install button to install it on your device.

  • Now you go back to your home screen and now you see an unknown app present( Don’t open it).
  • To open the app, simply go to Setting->General->Profile and tap on the developer profile of the Appvalley.
  • Once you have done all the process, now go back to your home screen and open the AppValley app.
  • Now choose your desired paid iOS app or game you want to download
  • After you find your app or game, you’ll get the download page of the app, simply tap on the “Get” to download.
  • Again a popup screen will appear to take permission to install app or game on your device.
  • Once the installation of the app complete, go to home screen then find the app and use it.

So, guys, it’s the last method to download app iOS app for free without jailbreak. This method is not required the jailbreak process and you don’t need any kind of extra stuff like a computer or laptop, it need only you have your iPhone.


I hope you guys like this article and these methods will work for you and take my advice if one method does not work then try another one, I hope it works for you. And in all these methods, you no need to Jailbreak your iPhone and all these methods are safe don’t harm to your data or iPhone.All these methods also work for the latest iOS 11, so if you’re using the iPhone 6, 7plus, or X then you can easily use all these methods. And if you have any problem or suggestion, feel free to ask in comments we’ll update this post if other methods are out. And like, share this article with your friends and subscribe to this blog for more new updates.



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