Do you ever think that in your amazon firestick you can use all the multimedia content like Amazon Prime videos, Hotstar, Netflix etc in free of cost?

Do you want to install some external Apps but your Amazon Firestick refused to download those Apps.

Well, today in this post you’ll see how to jailbreak firestick and access the thousands of channels and videos for free of cost.So, if you buy an Amazon Firestick and want easy and simple step by step tutorial to jailbreak firestick and enjoy the premium TV Shows and Movies in free of cost, then you are at right place to learn how to jailbreak a firestick.

Jailbreaking a firestick isn’t a rocket science or not a very complicated this, any person with little technological can jailbreak the firestick very easily and fast.So, if you have little bit technical knowledge about jailbreak and firestick then you easily did this by the bits of the help of his article.

Now let’s talk about am zone firestick, firestick is the top selling android TV device and it totally changes the TV viewing.Although it has caused heavy shocks on traditional television and still the popularity of Amazon firestick increasing day by day, it still suffers from a major flaw.

Amazon firestick offer the multimedia content it doesn’t come free and some of the content not available globally.Mainly firestick made the deep impact on the users pocket and made a huge hole in it because the premium subscription is too costly for users.

What is jailbreak firestick?

Many smartphones, tablet, Android devices like Amazon firestick and games console company include a security layer called DRM( Digital Right Management) Software on their Products.The main motive of the DRM is you can run limited software on your device, the company said it is for security reasons.

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking the devices and bypass the DRM restrictions, to allow you to run or install unauthorized software or application to devices.And if you jailbreak firestick you can also make some other tweaks to your firestick.

More technically, jailbreaking firestick is the process of installing a modified set of kernel Patch that allows you to run unsigned code to the firestick.And if you jailbreak any device including firestick, it gives you root-level access which unavailable on all devices before jailbreaking firestick.

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Is It Legal To Jailbreak Firestick?

Now you have a question in your mind Is it legal to jailbreak firestick?  The answer is Yes.It’s definitely legal thing because it’s your personal property and you can do what you want to do with you firestick until you’re not conflicting with anyone else’s privacy and infringing on any national statute.

So, if your jailbreak a firestick you don’t get any trouble it’s purely a legal stuff.But once you jailbreak firestick by installing Kodi on Firestick with its add-ons, now you can access all the free multimedia content on your jailbreak firestick.

But there is a little problem, if you watch the copyrighted content after jailbreal your firestick, then you definitely might face some trouble. Also, you can get in trouble either with your Government depending upon the copyright law of your country or with your internet service provider.The ISP of your might even block or suspend your internet connection.

But you can easily bypass this problem, you have to do just use some VPN( Virtual Private Network).But again I tell you while using VPNs it’s not completely illegal but it’s strictly not legal as well.It’s your own responsibility that content you access via using VPN on your jailbreak firestick.

Install VPN ON Firestick

Now firstly you want to install VPN on your firestick before jailbreaking your it because if you would watch any kind of copyrighted content then you face the trouble by your ISP or by your Government.Because government mad law against watch copyright content if free, so you need the VPN to overcome this problem.

By the help of VPN, it creates a private tunnel of encryption between your device and internet on any device.So, by using the VPN nobody can tell who you are or what kind of content you are streaming on your amazon firestick and keeping everything hidden from every one eye.

So, below list helps you to decide what VPN you use on your Amazon firestick, follow the below list and choose VPN for your amazon firestick and take a step toward jailbreak firestick.


It’s best VPN for Amazon and two things make it best VPN for firestick, it’s speed and ease of use.ExpressVPN has 145 servers in 94 different countries, it’s large enough to provide great location variability.ExpressVPN is very fast and has low-latency servers, no matter where you are in the world.And also it has a built-in speed test for fast movie streaming.

And it’s very secure VPN and makes you Anonymous while you are streaming videos or movies on your jailbreak firestick.So, if you like this VPN for your firestick then you can download from given download link.

Get the ExpressVPN


It’s very difficult to choose best VPN for Firestick and sometime it should be very confusing because there are a lot of option available.But if you are using the IPVanish, it’s made thing very simple for the user.A most important feature of IPVanish users should know about is that it directly install into your firestick, it’s not required any sideloading.

Many VPN uses the very complicated way to run VPN in your jailbreak firestick, but IPVanish takes less than a minute to run into your Amazon Firestick.If you use this app, you realize that it’s amazingly lightweight and very comfortable to use.You’ll even forget that it’s running into you firestick when your streaming.

IPVanish runs over 850 servers in more than 60 different nations, so you receive the fast speed all around the world.And your data is properly secure with IPVanish and your identity is locked down by the DNS leak protection.So, with free off tension keep watching your favorite shows and movies.

Get the IPVanish


In my opinion, NordVPN has really some exciting characteristics and one of the most important is the area of its network.In all over the world, it has 1000+ servers in 60 different countries and the list is still increasing.So, by this huge amount of servers in all over the world you can easily find a lightning-fast in any region of the world.

In NordVPN you have an ability to customize the some of its networks in order to increase the P2P download or by double the encryption.In NordVPN you have the full security and none of your activity is recorded or share any other.

And like all other VPNs, your data is lockdown with 265-bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection and a host customizable encryption feature.It is also very easy to use and lightweight for you.

Get the NordVPN

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CyberGhost is a strong and reliable VPN provider for those who jailbreak firestick.It offers many features like other VPNs like complete anonymity, great security and lightning fast speed at any time.CyberGhost has 1100 servers in 54 different countries at all over the world, so you can easily use it in all over the world mostly any country.

The main key feature of CyberGost, it gives you the total privacy and anonymity on the internet world.And by the help of this VPN, you can easily unblock any website on the internet within few seconds.The CyberGhost plan includes the 256-bit AES encryption with this you are safely browsing the internet without any security problem.

And you don’t take any tension, it mostly supports every device including the jailbreak amazon firestick.CyberGhost gives you very high speed and stable connection in your firestick.So, the people need high speed and stable connection for and streaming, this will be the best option for them.

Get the CyberGhost

5.Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is also a good choice for you, it offers the very impressive performance with its simultaneous connection support.Buffered is very speedy and gives very reliable service like decent encryption, minimum logging, and the great clients across the platform.

Buffered has the 46 server locations in 45 different countries in all over the world, while these number doesn’t see big but the location of the servers makes a huge difference, so quality is heavier than the quantity.So, if you want a VPN fast, user-friendly, and has all server in all the important city then you should pick Buffered VPN

Get the Buffered VPN

Read Before Jaibreak Firestick

This Article is only for educational purposes and there is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by KODI. Check all the local laws to ensure that it is legal to stream in your country or region.So, Please be careful with the content you are stream on your Amazon Firestick.

How to Jailbreak A Firestick

Jailbreaking firestick isn’t a tough job, anybody with some technical knowledge can easily jailbreak a firestick without any problem.And if you don’t know little about the jailbreaking firestick please don’t take any tension.In this post, I’ll tell you every this related to jailbreaking firestick and make this whole process of jailbreaking firestick simple and easy for you☺.

You all must know that many jailbroken firestick sales all around the internet, but I will not suggest anyone buy that one because, Why would you pay someone else to do something that you can do yourself.You all know that everyone has to do the work once in a life that they hesitate to do, so why want to spend extra money on something that you can do yourself by putting some efforts.

In order to jailbreak, you want to do some customization in your firestick and don’t take any tension these customizations not harm your firestick.But there is another process of jailbreaking firestick for those who want to gain root access to their firestick, but it’s a very compilated and messy process even entire Fire TV community doesn’t recommend to anyone and also it can damage your device.But In this tutorial, we can use a different method that is safe and does not damage your firestick.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Firestick

So, to setup your firestick you want to do some tweaks and then after these tweaks, you will process to jailbreak firestick.And for these tweaks, we don’t need any computer or other devices.It’s a very simple process and required nothing more than your firestick and a fast internet connection.Now let’s begin to process

  • Firstly navigate to your Firestick Setting present at the top of the home menu.
  • Now scroll and select the Device option.

jailbreak firestick

  • After selecting Device, search for Developer Option in the list.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now enable the ADB debugging option.

jailbreak firestick

  • Also turn on another option” Apps from Unknown Sources “.

jailbreak firestick

  • Accept the warning message popup to the Screen.

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Step 2: Install the Downloader App To Your Firestick

It’s the easiest step of this whole process of jailbreak firestick, you just install an app in your firestick to continue this jailbreaking firestick process.In my option Downloader is a very handy application and it has the important role in jailbreak firestick.And it’s absolutely free and you easily install this application on your Firestick.

  • Go to the home screen and search Downloader on the Search box.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now the Downloader app popup on screen.Now Install the App on the Amazon Firestick.

jailbreak firestick

  • It does not take too much time to download and in installing in your amazon firestick.

Step 3: Installing The Kodi On Amazon Firestick( Jailbreak Firestick )

Installing Koid is the most important part of jailbreaking a firestick.Koid is an application which will open a world of free multimedia content for you in your Amazon firestick but I want to inform you that the some of the content of the Koid is might be pirated or forbidden in your country or region and also be illegal.

As we all know that we can install Kodi on Firestick many ways but now we can use the Downloader APP to install Kodi in Firestick.So, if you are ready to jailbreak firestick, follow the steps.

  • After installing the downloader app, open it.
  • Now you have to type a URL on the downloader app “″.It’s the download link of Kodi to jailbreak firestick.

jailbreak firestick

  • After the download finish, click on the open file and Install the Kodi on your amazon firestick.
  • After complete installation of the Kodi, launch it for the installation menu.
  • Now first thing inside Kodi, go to the Setting and open the File Manager.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now select the Add source option from the File manager.

jailbreak firestick


  • A small window is a popup on the screen, click on the Browse option.
  • Now type link “” on the box and add the Link.Now click on the OK and close the popup window.

jailbreak firestick

Step 4: Installing Add-ons On KODI

After installing the Kodi on amazon firestick or you can say that after jailbreak firestick, now we are going to install Add-ons on Kodi.By using this Add-ons you able to stream free multimedia content on your jailbreak firestick.So, now let’s begin this final step, follow each and every step very carefully and in a proper manner.

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  • Now go back to Kodi main menu, open the Add-ons option from the main menu.
  • Form the add-ons, now go up to a little box located at the top and open it.

jailbreak firestick

  • Select the option Install from zip file and open it.

jailbreak firestick

  • A small window is a popup, click on the Settling and now you want to enable Unknows source option on it.

jailbreak firestick

  • Again go back and again open Install from zip file option, and select repo option form the list and click on the OK.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now you want to select the option form the list and click on the OK.

jailbreak firestick

  • Go to the Program add-ons option.Wait for the plugin popup on program panel after it downloads.

jailbreak firestick

  • Click on the plugin and go down to the Settings.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now you want to add a code on the box, you want to use your Phone to get this code form the website.From this link “, you get the code very easily.

jailbreak firestick

  • The code the changes very hours, so it different for everybody.So, don’t take any tension about the code.
  • After adding code, now go back and select Install/Update option and open it.

jailbreak firestick

  • Select the option from the list like Boom Shakalak KODI 17 or Boom Shakalak XXXKODI 17.The second version contains the adult content on it, so if you want adult content on your jailbreak firestick then you choose the second option.

jailbreak firestick

  • Now select the option you want to apply on your jailbreak firestick and click on the Yes.
  • Now you want to choose the installation type.If you don’t have any presetting in the Kodi then you choose the Full.And if you have some setting and want to prevent, you should choose the Overwrite Option.

jailbreak firestick

  • It takes time to download but after the download, it’s almost ready to use.Generally, it doesn’t take too much of time to download but mostly it depends upon your internet connection.So, please use fast internet connection.
  • Now you want to do one last thing.Go this location Home>Setting>Applications>Manage Installed Application.Now find Kodi and click on it, click on Force Stop and then Launch application.

jailbreak firestick

By Force stop, we can clear up all the old information that was on Kodi, so now we can relaunch jailbreak firestick without any problem and issue.

You can also watch the video to Jailbreak your firestick 😊


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Now I just want to say that, jailbreak firestick is not a big task to perform it’s very simple and takes very less time.And also jailbreaking a firestick is not illegal, so don’t take any tension, no one is going to sue you .But if you access some copyrighted content on your firestick and the content is banned in your country or anything else then your face some trouble.So, to overcome this problem you should use the VPN on your jailbreak firestick.

The Link present in this article is not open or get expired, so please inform me by the comment to update those Link.And if you any problem to jailbreak firestick you can ask me without any hesitation by the commenting on this post.And if this post works for you and jailbreaks your firestick, then comment and share your experience with other users and solve the problem they face on jailbreaking firestick.


  1. good article Kunal, I am always using nordvpn to secure myself from illegal notices. And as you mentioned it is a light weight app so it is everything is easy as you mentioned in an article. I managed to watch olympics with all of this.

  2. when I get to Downloader it says Get- Free to download- then when i press ok it says-Purchase failure- I don’t have a billing set up? am I doing something wrong

  3. when i enter in the code from the website i don’t get all the options you say to choose from. all i get is 1 addon pack to choose from in the “install/update” section of Dimitrology/TV. am i doing something wrong?

  4. I’m glad I found this. I just ordered a Fire stick and can’t wait to try this. Hope it works, I will post an update…

  5. Great tips. There’s also tons of videos on YouTube on it. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself I recommend getting one


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