Dual Boot Manjaro Deepin-17.0.6 and Windows 10 in UEFI Firmware

Hi, guys, Today I’m gonna show you, Dual Boot Manjaro Deepin-17.0.6 and Windows 10 in UEFI Firmware recently I was using Manjaro Deepin-17.0.6 my primary Linux whit Windows 10 because Manjaro Deepin has an awesome desktop environment and Arch super secure Kernel. So, our first post is Dual Boot the Manjaro Deepin-17.0.6 and Windows 10 in UEFI Firmware system.

Manjaro community recently released the update of Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 and as you already know it has the Deepin desktop environment which has awesome effect and graphics and Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 is Powered by the long-term support of Linux kernel 4.9 series, So you receive all the Linux latest update time to time without any Problem.

The manjaro comes with many types of desktop environment like Budgie, cinnamon, LXDE, and Mante etc, but in all of these desktop environments, Manjaro Deepin has the best looking, user experience and Graphics as compared to others.The Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 runs the latest state of development of Deepin.And also the Manjaro Deepin gives you Pamac as software manager updated to version 6.0 and including the Manjaro setting manager of 0.53 version.And if you are a wallpaper lover then you also like the Manjaro Deepin it gives you Wallpaper Packs with awesome and very attractive wallpaper.

Key Feature Of Manjaro Deepin

  • The Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 is easy to install and take very less time to install
  • It’s very stable and smooth
  • Highly compatible, compatible with all type of  hardware present in your system
  • It’s highly secure with Linux kernel 4.9 and protect your data any kind of damage or hacking
  • And having the most beautiful, intuitive and attractive desktop environment in Linux distros currently present.
  • It gives the Pamac Software manager and Wallpaper Pack and different types of software like Libre Office, deepin music, deepin movies etc.

In this tutorial, we have presumed that you already install the Windows 10 or other versions in your system, and now we are going to dual boot the Manjaro deepin 17.0.6 with windows 10 in UEFI firmware.So, if want to execute this tutorial first you need to install the Windows 10 or another version into your system.

Dual Boot Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 and Windows 10 UEFI Firmware

Before proceeding further to Dual boot Manjaro Deepin with Windows 10 you should have the following things and requirement to your computer/laptop,

  • Your desktop has at least has 4GB RAM, Intel HD graphics, and Intel Core i3 Processor and enough space to your HDD and SSD.
  • You have the Preinstalled Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1 in UEFI Firmware, not in BIOS firmware.
  • Predownloaded Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6(you can download it from here Manjaro website)
  • And a USB Flash Drive has the minimum capacity of 4GB and Rufus Utility software to make USB drive bootable.

Step 1: Make Partition For Manjaro Deepin

1. Make sure that your system has enough space to install the Manjaro Deepin along with the Windows 10, you should have to make an at-least 50GB partition and to make a 50GB of the partition you have to shrink 50GB for other partition to make a 50GB unallocated partition.Also, you take more space in your partition if need more space for music, images, movies, and other kinds of stuff.

Creating Partition

2. Right-Click on the Start and select Disk Management option form the list.Open the Disk Management and select the Partition which has the sufficient, Right-click on the partition and selects the shrink option.

3. Now Shrink the at least 50GB (50000 MB) from the selected partition which has the sufficient space for installing Manjaro Deepin along with windows 10.And if you need the extra storage for your extra stuff you can also increase the size of the partition up to 60, 70 GB or more.

4. Once the New partition was created then it should be shown as unallocated partition like below image.



Now you have a 50GB unallocated partition ready, now you need to create a bootable Majaro Deepin installation USB Flash drive.

Step 2: Make Bootable USB Flash Drive Of Manjaro Deepin

To Create a bootable USB Flash Drive, you need a USB Flash drive and a Rufus utility software to make it bootable.Follow the below steps to continue.

1. Install the Rufus utility software, it can easily found on the google and you can download it.

2. Insert your USB Flash Drive on your computer and open the Rufus.

3. Select the Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 IOS File you have downloaded from the website and click on the Start.

4. Then it will ask you to in which mode that you want to write the image.And gives you two option ISO Image and DD Image Mode, Select the second option DD Image Mode and clicked the OK.

5. Now it will ask you “If you continue the all Data will be destroyed”.You should click on the OK.

Now after some time, your bootable USB Flash drive is ready and now you execute the next step, reboot your PC and boot your system into Mamjaro Deepin installation Drive.

Step 3: Installing the Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 Along With Windows 10

Now for installing the Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 you want to restart your PC/Laptop and press your boot menu key like F2, F12 or whatever your system’s boot menu key, and select USB Flash Drive having UEFI label behind and press the enter on the keyboard

1. Now you should see a screen having a wallpaper behind like below image, and select the  Boot: Manjaro.x86_64 deepin option

2. Now Manjaro welcome screen will come up and you need to follow the installation wizard and click on the Launch installer option


3. Next screen will ask you to choose your language

4. Now select your region and zone in which you live and process to next step

5. Select your keyboard  Model or Keyboard layout, mine is English(US) default. Choose Keyboard Model which is suitable for you

6. Now select the Manual partitioning Option, it gives you the power to make your partitions manually as your wish and don’t harm your Personal Data

7. Now here you can see that there’s free space on the partition table which has a grey color and file system unknown. You need to make 4 partitions by clicking the Create button. You have to create the following four partitions.

  • /boot/efi this partition required if you’re dual boot your manjaro Deepin in UEFI and the older Legacy version does not need this partition.
  • root “/” root partition for your root folder
  • swap partition, it should be double the size of your RAM or half the size of your RAM and same the size of your RAM
  • /home partition for extra data storage for Music, Videos, Pictures, and Documents…….etc

1. /boot/efi Partition

Now follow the below image configuration to create the /boot/efi partition. Make filesystem fat32, Mount Point /boot/efi and select the flags boot, esp.

2. root “/” Partition

Follow the below image to configure the filesystem, Mount Point, and flags options and create your root partition for manjaro deepin.

3. swap Partition

Follow the below image to configure and create the swap partition.

The size of the swap is depended upon the size of your RAM, you should take swap double the size of your RAM, half the size of your RAM or the same the size of your RAM.I’ll take the swap of 4 GB it’s the half the size of my RAM.

4. /home Partition

Follow the below image to configure and create the /home partition. This partition is for your extra storage for your movies, videos, document, and some other extra stuff.

8. Once you make all four partitions with manual partitioning, then you have to just click on the Next

9. Now here you need to make credentials, enter your Name, Username, and Password. And also select Use the same password for administrator account option.

10. Now you see the overview of your Location, Keyboard and Partitions, and process to next option.

11. After entering your credentials now the installation process will start and it takes a few minutes to complete.

12. Once the installation was finished, now “reboot” your system.

Now when your system reboots, then you’ll see Grub menu that lists your Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 and Windows 10, and if you don’t see the Windows 10 in Grub menu list. Please don’t take any tension we’ll correct that error now, you simply boot into your new Manjaro Deepin and open the terminal application, type sudo udate-grub and press the Enter. Now again reboot your computer/Laptop but now your Grub menu shows both Manjaro Deepin and Windows 10.

After choosing the options from Grub menu, now you’ll see a beautiful, amazing, light-weight, smooth, and secure Linux which is able to perform every single task of yours. Now you’re getting with Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6, but it’s a little bit different from other Linux.

So, guys this all I have to present you and you all know that it’s our first post on Dual Boot Manjaro Deepin 17.0.6 and Windows 10 in UEFI Firmware, so if you have any queries related Manjaro Deepin, feel free to ask your question by vai comments. And if you like this post and wish to see more post like this then like, share, subscribe and share this post with your friends.

So, if your also a Linux addict and want to take the experience of every single Linux then stay tuned to us. Thanks for reading 😊

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