How To Fix dpc watchdog violation Error In Windows 10

It’s a nightmare when Blue Screen of Death error (or it’s commonly known as dpc watchdog violation) comes on your PC it’s very annoying to all the Windows users but this error comes only in the Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.But recently many users faced and reported the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 problem.When you PC shows the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 problem, there is nothing left for you to do except restarting your computer and this action of restarting the PC increase the cause of your losing all your data.

Generally, in all the blue screen of death error, dpc watchdog violation is most commonly occurring error in Windows 10.So, if you’re also having dpc watchdog violation windows 10 problem then don’t worry it’s pretty common occurring error and you are not only the first victim of this dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.

If you are seeming dpc watchdog violation error then you can try these multiple solutions if the first one is not working then another one is definitely working.This error is generally caused due to the SSD drive which is not currently compatible with the windows 10.

Reason for dpc watchdog violation Windows 10

The several things cause the dpc watchdog violation error in the Windows 10.One of the main cause is Outdated Drivers sometimes when you bought a new sound card but your sound card driver does not support Windows 10 then if you simply plugging a set of earphones cloud produce the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.

Sometimes, the SSD of your computer that has old firmware is not supported by your Windows 10 and generate the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.Also, the corrupt system files of your computer cause the dpc watchdog violation error.

While this reason for error not as common the others but sometimes it’s the main problem, sometimes the external software you installed conflicted or affect your system software and could also lead to dpc watchdog violation error.

What is dpc watchdog violation error?

The DPCstand for Deferred Procedure Call and it’s a common error message that shows up in Windows Operating system when the SSD drive of your computer is corrupted or not updated.Also, this error prompted by your hardware component and cause dpc watchdog violation error.In some cases when you update your windows it was incorrectly updating and some of the files of windows is being corrupted and produced the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.Since there are many reasons responsible for the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error and here some to be named-

  • The SSD you are using has become too much old and not properly compatible with the latest version of your windows 10.
  • In the Boot of your computer system, you also see this dpc watchdog violation error.
  • The corrupted files Installed drives may also occur the dpc watchdog violation error.
  • Sometimes the hardware(like sound card, video card etc)  incompatibility with Windows cause the dpc watchdog violation error on your Computer.
  • when you install some external software then they conflict your system files and corrupt them and cause the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.

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How To Fix The dpc watchdog violation error

Methode 1- By Performing the disk check(Using command prompt)

As we before said the corrupted hard drive is also the main cause of the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.So, you may want to make sure that your hard disk is in Good state and if it’s not then you should repair it by using disk check.

  • Press the windows key on your keyboard and search cmd in the search box.Now right click on command prompt and run as administrator and click yes to administrator permission.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now you should type chkdsk /f /r in the command prompt and press the Enter button.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now a message is come on the screen and inform you, the hard disk is in the use and tells you should schedule the dick check process to the next time the system restart and need your decision in Y/N.And you have to type Y.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now Press the Enter Button and restart your Computer.Once the restart is complete dpc watchdog violation windows 10 is solved and you able to Play your Watch Dogs game.

Methode 2- By change the SATA AHCI controller drivers

This is the very effective method and many windows users strongly recommend it.So, if any other method doesn’t work then you should try this and I guaranteed it definitely works and your dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error is being solved.

  • Take your cursor to the Start and Press the Mouse right click button, then select the Device Manager option from the list.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now a new window will open and you have to search IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers option and expand it.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Right-Click on the expended option under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and select the Properties option.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now a new tab was open after clicking on the properties.You have to select the Driver option out of Five options.

dpc watchdog violation

Note- Alos you need to verify that you have chosen the right controller or not.On the Driver Tab click on the Driver Details option.And Make sure that iaStorA.sys file is listed in the Drivers files.

dpc watchdog violation

But if you see the storachi.sys file in the list then you should leave this method and move on to next.

  • Now click on the Update driver option.
  • After this, a new tab was open and select the Browse my computer for driver software option.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Next click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer option below the Browse option.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Next, select Standard SATA AHCI Controller and click to the Next.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now Restart your computer after the remaining process complete.And after restart the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error is solved.

Methode 3- Turn off Fast Start-up

It is the simplest method to fix the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error of the computer, also it’s very easy to perform and it doesn’t take your too much time and efforts.But also this method is work sometimes and sometimes not, so I do not give you the guarantee but you can try this at once it’s fully safe. Now you can use this method for the following steps:-

  • Press the Windows key and R key at the same time(WIN+R) and type Control Panel press Enter.
  • After opening the control panel search for the Power Option form the search box and open it.
  • Now look at your Left-hand side and you will see the many options.Select Choose what the power buttons do option and click on it.
  • Click on the Change settings that are currently unavailable.

dpc watchdog violation

  • After allowing the permission, scroll down and locate the Turne on Start-up option and uncheck it(turn off it)

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now Save the change and click on the exit.

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Methode 4- Update the SSD Firmware

It’s the strongest and main cause of the dpc watchdog violation error from the computer.In this Firmware of the SSD is out of the update and the SDD is not fully compatible with your computer and generates the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.So, for solving this problem you have to update your SSD Firmware by following give steps-

  • Open the File Explorer on your Windows 10 and select the Thia PC.
  • Now Right-Click on the This PC and a popup menu appear, select Manage option.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now a computer management window was open.Go to computer management window and click on the Device Manager.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now a list of devices is shown, Select the Disk Drivers and expand it now all the list of hard drives connected to your PC will be shown.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now  Right-Click on your SSD, then a menu is popup and select Driver Update option.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Click on the Update driver option and now the Windows will search for the latest version of Firmware available for SSD and inform you to download it.

After applying this method I think it will resolve your dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.

Method 5- Safe Mode

This method also very easy and slove the dpc watchdog violation error, many windows users recommended it and find useful.In this method, we can boot the system into the safe mode then remove all the external drivers and software form the computer.After uninstalling all the drivers and software, install them again and if the update is available then update drivers to latest version.

  • In this method, you need to turn on your computer into safe mode.So first, you need to shut down your computer.
  • Now press the Power button and turn on your computer.
  • After pressing the power button now press the F8 key(generally F8 is common key for all the computer and laptop) on the keyboard.
  • Now a Black screen comes with some options.Select the first option name as Safe Mode and press the Enter button.

dpc watchdog violation

  • After this, your PC will be opened in the safe mode.
  • Now, need to remove all your external drivers and network drivers.Extremely most of the time Network Drivers are major responsible for the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.
  • If the installing of the drivers was complete.Now install the latest version of all External and Network Drivers again, on your computer.
  • The installing of all the Drivers take some time.After completing it now restart your computer.

After restarting the computer you find that your dpc watchdog violation error was solved but if you still face the error then you should try the next method.

Methode 6-By Scanning and Fixing The System Files

This method scans the whole system for corrupted files and finds them.After detecting the corrupted files the files is repair or replace.This is also very easy going method to solve dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.So, follow the give steps carefully and resolve your dpc watchdog violation error.

  • Disconnect internet connection of your computer and any other network connection if the computer was connected.
  • Now disable your security software(like antivirus, Internet security and third-party firewall etc) which installed on the computer system.
  • Now go to the start menu and search for command prompt in the search box.And open the command prompt in administrator mode.

dpc watchdog violation

  • Now type SFC/SCANNOW in command prompt and press the enter button on the keyboard.

dpc watchdog violation

  • This process takes some minute to complete and after this, you close the command prompt window.
  • Now you need to restart your computer immediately.

After the restart, you will see that your dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error is solved and you easily play your watchdogs game.

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How we secure the PC with dpc watchdog violation error?

Now here we have some certain tips which help you to secure your computer with dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.So, if you keep these tips in your mind you never again face the dpc watchdog violation error in your life again.

  • Firstly you should turn-off (shutdown) your computer properly.
  • Always keep your all the drivers and important software updated with time.
  • Never force your computer to shutdown it may corrupt your computer files.
  • Always check your windows update and update it regularly with time.
  • Regularly reinstall your all the Drivers and software to avoid the death of screen.
  • Also regularly use the Disk defragment and disk cleanup to your PC.
  •  Never use any kind of incompatible driver and software to your system.
  • Use the latest version of the intel management engine interface and always keep it up-to-date.
  • Never make new partitions of disk forcibly it may corrupt your drive or files.

So, if you follow all these pieces of advice you can easily avoid the dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error and work on your PC without any interference.All these methods are easy to executable and not take to much time of yours.And for further quires feel free to share by via comment and if you like this post then share with your friend whose face this same dpc watchdog violation windows 10 error.

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