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Tubemate for PC

In all the world everybody uses various kind of things for entertainment and we all know the youtube comes in one of the most famous platforms for the entertainment like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.And then everyone loves to watch movies, videos, trailers, news and many more things on youtube.But some of the people demand to download the video in their system.There is lots of video downloader available for youtube.But now you are thinking how and which software is this?So, your answer is Tubemate For PC.Tubemate is the best downloader available for youtube and the millions fo the people from worldwide download Tubemate.So, let’s talk about Tubemate for PC, Tubemate is a free youtube video downloader app and it’s very famous in Android and the IOS devices but now Tubemate app also used on your PC.But now you should think that why Tubemate😕?There should be another app for downloading youtube videos.Yes, there are may app like Tubemate, but the feature of the  Tubemate better than all other apps like

  • Enables the fast downloading of the videos
  • You may easily resume the videos at anytime
  • The Tubemate app offers many types of resolutions
  • You should access the videos from youtube or another social platform
Also, there are many features of the Tubemate which are not mentioned.

Why we need Tubemate For PC?

In PC if we want to download video like a movie, trailer, song etc, So we should first search the video and then find a website which should give the downloadable link in our required format.But having Tubemate in our PC make easier to download the video and also there are lots of advantages available on using Tubemate For PC.First thing is the Tubemate offers you many options for Resolution.This helps you to save your mobile data or your mobile Phone storage if you have the shortage both of /one of them.
Next one is you download any video without caring your internet speed if you have the 2G internet data.The video is taking less time in downloading form compared to other youtube video downloader with 2G speed.Tubemate also has timer fixed for downloading each video, So whenever you need to download the video just set the timer and the video automatically downloads and it also converts the video into a mp3 file with its video to mp3 converter.

Feature of Tubemate App

  • Tubemate Download the youtube video faster than other.
  • Tubemate got the different type of resolution from HD to low quality.
  • Tubemate Support up to 4K resolution video.
  • It capable of handling 60 frames per second.
  • Tubemate offers the different type of file formats such as MOV, MP4, FLV, MKV.
  • At any time you could Pause, Resume or re-download the video.
  • You should download the multiple videos at the same time.
  • In Tubemate you able watch or download the video even a slow internet speed.
  • Tubemate app also converts the video into the mp3 file format.

Download And Installing Tubemate For PC

Today we are going to run/ download Tubemate on the computer for free.There is two different type of method
  • Using the Remix OS
  • Using Bluestack App Player

Using the Remix OS

Remix OS is Android Lollipop based OS developed by -X86 and Jide.For installing the Remix OS alongside Windows 10 means we’re going creating a dual-boot menu containing the two operating system Remix OS and the Windows 10. So you can install and use the Tubemate app for downloading videos from youtube and the other social media using the Remix OS.

Download And Installing Tubemate For PC: Using the Remix OS

Installation of Remix OS 

  • Firstly you need to download the Remix OS for your PC.
  • Now you need to download the two software EasyBSD Software and MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  • Now you should create a 16 GB partition of Fat32 Format with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard./Also you should use a pen drive of 16GB or more(Optional).
  • Now you should open the EasyBCD tool>> Click on the Add the New Entry.
  • Next, in Portable/External Media section click the IOS tab.
  • Now in the name field, you should write the Remix OS.
Tubmate for PC
  • And in the path section, you should give the path of the Remix OS ISO file and then click on the Add Entry Button.
  • Now it will take minimum 60 seconds to defragment the partition.
  • Now restart your computer.
  • After your Windows boot screen, you will see the menu having the two option your window and the Remix OS.
  • After the click on the Remix OS, you should select one option between two the first one is Residence Mode( for install Remix OS) or another one is Guest Mode( for Live Demo).

Installation of Tubemate in Remix OS

  • If you do all the above step properly your Remix OS is installed Correct.
  • Now you should download Tubemate app from here and after download paste into you any local disc then install it.
  •  Now enjoy and download unlimited videos from your PC.

Using Blue Stack App

This Second method we are going to share by using the Bluestack App Player.If you don’t know about the Bluestack it’s the application for the Windows and the Mac to run any Android apps and Games on your PC, but there is a problem with this app player some time it will hang or slow down your PC or Laptop while you are running high graphics HD games.But if the hardware of your PC enough to handle then you use this method to run the Tubemate app on your PC/Laptop.

Download And Installing Tubemate For PC: Using the Bluestack App Player

  • First, you have to Download the Bluestack App Player for your Mac or Windows for the Offical website.
  • After the file is Download then install into your Computer or Laptop also assure that your PC has the enough for the installation of Bluestack.
  • After the installation of the Bluestack App Player then open it from the desktop.
  • Now download the Tubemate from here.
  • After the download Install the APK with BlueStack APK Installer.
Tubemate For PC
  • Now open the BlueStack and enjoy the downloading of the unlimited videos.


From the above discussion, Now you are confused between the Bluestack and the Remix OS, Which one you choose you.Now we make it easy for you by telling which method is best for an individual people.If you want Android on your PC but use it like Windows for using Tubemate for PC then Remix OS is best for you, the start menu is same as the Remix OS as well its interface is also look alike Windows.Also, you can do multitasking of your apps same as the windows.So, overall if you enjoy the Android feature but need the UI like Windows for using the Tubemate app then you go for it.Now comes on Bluestack when we are talking about Bluestack, it is an Emulator?Well, it’s a software or .exe file that can be executed by Windows.The UI of the Bluestack same as the Android and work in same way.If you enjoy the stock Android feature in your PC for running the Tubemate app and also it is very easy to install you don’t need to make any partition or make the pen drive the bootable.
I think both are used for one purpose using Tubemate for PC.Now you are thinking which one is Better?It’s a tough to answer because of both some advantages or disadvantages.So you decide because every person has the different priority.And if you like this tutorial then do not forget to share with your friends.

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