Hi guys, today I’m going to share a knowledge with you and suggest you some best Kodi addons for your Amazon Firestick but first, you need to know that previously I’ve shared a post how to Jailbreak a Firestick.To implement this post, you must first jailbreak your Amazon Firestick and install Kodi on firestick.But it’s clear that if you arrive at this post, then you have already done everything, now you search for best kodi addons and reach this post from search results.So, today we’re gonna discuss some best kodi addons for amazon firestick.

So you’ve successfully installed Kodi on your amazon firestick now your next step is to find best Kodi add-ons for the firestick.But it’s hard to find the best kodi addons for jailbreak firestick and I know that you guys always searching for the next best kodi addons and it’s the probably the reason why you’re reading this article.

As we all know, that there are thousands of kodi addons currently available over the internet.But it’s hard to find a genuine and useful addon, there are many third party Kodi have some problem and may no longer working.So, guys are you ready now you no more confused about best kodi addons for you amazon firestick or PC.I am going to introduce you the list of best kodi addons.

Best Kodi Addons 2018

So, guys here is the list of best Kodi add-ons of different categories like Sports, movies, Streaming videos, cartoons, Music and Live TV.All the addons mention here are correctly working and read the full article if you want some addons to fulfill your entertainment requirement.

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 Read It Before Proceeding

Before you start streaming with Kodi Add-ons / Builds, I would like to inform you that this Article is only for educational purposes and there is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by KODI. Check all the local laws to ensure that it is legal to stream in your country or region.So, if any kind of damage happens KCGeek will not responsible for that, Please be careful with the content you are stream on your Kodi Addons.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

best kodi addons

There are many sports events held in all over the world at the same time and if you still want to see the events, but many sports addons chare amount for subscription and some of the addons doesn’t work properly on Kodi.But form these addons you can easily enjoy your favorite sports events very easily.


SportsDevil would be the best kodi addon for sports lover, It offers live streaming of numbers of sports channels like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Soccer, and Hockey etc.SportDevil is the dedicated live streaming and catch-up TV add-on for sports junky, and if you missed your any favorite match you can also see the telecast of the match again.

Mostly the SportsDevil famous among the football and cricket lovers and offers the long list of streaming channels available to watch live and you can enjoy the amazing experience of live streaming on your amazon firestick.So, if the SportsDevil completes all the requirements you want from a sports Kodi addon then you go for this Kodi Add-ons.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is also the best option for Sports kodi addon, it’s a very well known sports addon.Its highlights are its numbers of sports channels like Fox Sports, BT Sports, ESPN etc.Rising Tide offers the huge list of sports channels for live streaming your favorite sport.

Also, Rising Tides has many options for watching sports and these features make him even more interesting Kodi addon for the sports enthusiast.In Rising Tide, the menu of the addon is well categorized and very easy to use for every person, also it’s media library is extremely rich and offers you too much for use.So, if you like this best kodi addons then you can get this from here ( http://mullafabz.net.rw/Repository/ ).


AceStream is way different from other sports Kodi addons present on this list because it works on the BitTorrent Protocol.So, there is a different way to run this Sports Kodi addon, so to run the AceStream you will need another add-on called Plexus Player.

You can easily download Plexus from the fusion repository but now the AceStream is no longer available on the fusion repository, it’s recently taken down.But you don’t take any stress about Plexus download you can also download this addon from evergreen Kodi Repo, here is the like – http://kdil.co/repo/.


Castaway is the most well know best Kodi addons for the firestick.Well, it offers a wide range of sports channels or sports event for sports lovers and also in this Kodi addon you have the freedom to watch the repeat telecast of matches and highlights.

And guys If you are a UFC fan and watch all the UFC matches then you won’t be disappointed with this Kodi addon you can easily watch all the UFC matches.So, Castaway is also a very nice addon for Kodi and if you like this Kodi addon you can get it from here- http://kdil.co/repo/.

Elektra Vault

Elektra Vault is a Kodi addon that offers more features than the any other Kodi addon like Exodus.The reason for this difference between Elektra Vaul, Exodus and Covenant it that the Elektra Vault offers the user to watch live sports else the Exodus and Covenant failed to provide this feature to the users.

Also, guys, you can watch many entertainment stuff on the Elektra Vault like movies, TV Shows, and documentaries etc.And these features of the Kodi addon make it’s better than the Exodus and covenant.Get this addon from here – http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/.


Atom is a complete package Kodi addon which offers the user a massive library which contains numbers of movies, live TV channels, live sports, and the kid’s zone.And a unique feature of its massive library is, it has a separate section for real debris users who want to login into this and Stream the channels without buffering.


Deliverance is also a Sports addon for Kodi and it’s a new addon, recently introduced by Paule Aspden.And do you know it’s the same guy who gives the Lily Sports addon on the Kodi.The main reason for the popularity of Deliverance is due to the feature of Live Sports channels and also if the user of Deliverance missed any game it also views the highlights of the games.So, for a sports lovers, Deliverance can also be an option of best Kodi Addons for Sports.

Pro Sports

As you know that from the name Pro Sports is also a Sports add-on for Kodi, this Kodi addon counted on the best Kodi addons for Firestick/PC.This Kodi addon helps you to stream website and you can also stream your Favourite sports live.The numbers of live sports matches you can watch on Pro Sports are NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB and if you missed any match, in this case, you can replay the match you’re missed.

And if you are American or American Sports enthusiasts then can’t say no to this Kodi addon, Pro Sports mostly shows the American Sports matches.So if you like to watch some other region sports match then you go for some other addon.


Guys BOOM is a newly launched add-on for Kodi and it’s also a good option for best Kodi addon for sports.The boom addon is performing quite good, it has an enormous media library.The media library amazingly well categorized with the help of heads like Favourites, football highlights, sports channels, match center, sports radio and much more.

Best Kodi Addons For Movies

best kodi addons

Here is the list of best Kodi addons for movies.All the addons mention here are correctly working and read the full article if you want some addons to fulfill your entertainment requirement.

Neptune Rising

Our first Kodi addon is Neptune Rising, It is movie and TC shows streaming Kodi addon.Neptune Rising offers the free streaming of movies and TV shows and it’s one of the trendings best Kodi addon recently.

And the features of Neptune Rising like free streaming and instability make this Kodi Addon that much famous amongKodii users.Generally, most of the users of Kodi addon complain that the addons of the Kodi do not update time to time, but the developers of Neptune Rising update it regularly to ensure that it keeps working smoothly without any issue.


Exodus is one of the most popular and reputed Kodi addons.The Exodus is developed by Lambda, it has the huge library of Movies, TV Shows, Radio etc. and it’s continuously updating with time.Also the user interface of the Exodus also very well categorized with different heads like most watched, top rated, Trending, year etc.

Also, Exodus supports IMDB and hosts TV Shows from popular channels like HBO, Netflix, HULU etc.Even in Exodus, you can search any kind of media using actors and actresses names and this features helps the users to find its favorite Actor movies very easily.And the all the features of the Exodus include it in the list of best Kodi addons for movies.


Covenant is the official replacement of the Exodus, it’s introduced by the same owner which introduced the Exodus.Covenant is more stable than Exodus and it was launched due to the lots of complaints from users regarding Exodus.Recently the company of  Exodus going through a rough patch and company started to taking down Kodi addon.But now with the help of Covenant the company is trying to gives the new start to the Exodus.And if you need to install the Covenant, you’ll have to remove the Exodus on your Kodi.


Most of the users of the Exodus familiar to the name called Gurzil.It is the Exodus fork and a perfect candidate to replace Exodus.After the Exodus developers called it quite many new movies addons come and the Gurzil is one of them.The Library of the Gurzil is always updated similar to Exodus aways showing latest movies and shows.And the most important the User interface of the Gurzil is mostly similar to the Exodus, So if you use Gurzil you not feel different if you before using Exodus.So, Guys Gurzil is the best replacement for the Exodus and the best Kodi addons for movies.


Quantum is the revised version of Sanctuary Addon, It’s a very famous addon which had disappeared a while ago.It’s the very famous and well knows Kodi addon, Quantum addon gives the user to access to TV shows and movies on-demand.So, if you are a movie and TV shows lover then you should try this Kodi Addon once in your life.


Poseidon is a new Kodi addon which recently launched and it has gained huge popularity among Kodi users because of its great user interface which similar to Exodus and Covenant.Poseidon offers the users an amazingly updated media library which offers users a huge amount of multimedia content like Movies, TV shows, Sports, Music etc.

And you would love to hear that the library of the Poseidon is regularly updated and these kinds of feature make the Poseidon on the best Kodi addon for movies.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis is an Old Kodi addon which was taken down by agencies and I think most of the old Kodi users would know this Kodi addon.Now after some time, it has been revived by a company name Jesus Box Media with a new name Genesis Reborn.Genesis Reborn is an ideal place for TV shows lover and also the user’s interface of the Genesis Reborn is way better than its older version.Also, the picture quality of the Genesis Reborn is better than its older version and the recent update of the genesis reborn are of February 2018.

Specto Fork

Specto Fork is a modified version of Exodus, its main features include huge media library of movies and TV shows which update time to time but also it’s well categorized under different heads like actor, views, most viewed, year etc.

So as you know that Spector Fork is the modified version of Exodus, so some feature of the Specto is similar to Exodus but it also offers the detailed catalog of Movies and TV Shows for its users.So, if you like this Kodi addon and thinks it’s the best Kodi Addon for you then check out this amazing addon – http://kdil.co/repo/.

Elysium Lite

Elysium Lite is one of the most stable Kodi add-ons, it regularly receives all the update time to time.It’s the best Kodi addon for those users who like to watch latest and recently released Movies and TV Shows.And these features of Elysium Lite make it best Kodi addon currently available for Kodi.

Former Elysium Lite is available on the Noobs and Nerds, but currently, Noobs and Nerd are Down and also the update of the Elysium Lite doesn’t come Frequently. But still, there is a change you get the Elysium Lite from Kodi Repo – http://kdil.co/repo/.

Live Tube

Live Tube a newly launched Koid Addon and it has the potential to be on this list of best Kodi Addon for Movies.The main function of the Live Tube to take all the live stream which are held on the YouTube at anywhere and any moment to bring those live stream to your Amazone Firestick TV.But recently I found that many downloading links of Live Tube might not work, but guys still you can download and install this Kodi Addon From Fusion Repo- http://fusion.tvaddons.co.


Flixanity also counted on the list of best Kodi addons.In Flixanity user stream its favorite lastest Movies and TV Shows without any interruption like Lags and Buffering.And due to Flixanity has its own website the video doesn’t suffer from any kind of bad source.Also, the User interface of the Flixanity is very user-friendly form all of the Kodi addon categorized on the list.So, if you like this addon you can easily download it from the Kodi Repository.

BOB Unleashed

Bon unleashed was a popular Kodi addon and it was an updated version of Bob Unrestricted, mostly every Kodi users are familiar with Bob unleashed.Bob unleashed was recently released in its new version.Noobs and Nerds have brought an updated version of this Kodi Addon.In Bob Unleashed allows you to stream many channels like sports, movies, TV shows in high definition picture quality.So, if you like this Kodi addon download from here- http://kdil.co/repo/


Nemesis is a good option from the list of best Kodi Addons for movies.The UI of the Nemesis is very helpful and easy to use for anyone and the design of the Nemesis are very elegant and beautiful.

On Nemesis, you’ll find everything for your entertainment Movies to TV shows and if you’re a sports lover, Nemesis also has the arrangement of sports channels on its media library.Nemesis is well categorized and well arranged Kodi Addon, so nemesis also a good option for you.Download from here- http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/

SafeHouse Movies

This is also another best Kodi addon for movies streaming currently available for Firestick TV.And if your an old classic films lover you are absolutely like this great Kodi addon.And the UI of the SafeHouse also very good and easy to use.

One of the best thing about SafeHouse it’s getting constantly update its media library.If you’re unable to download the SafeHouse Movies Kodi addon you can download it from here- http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/

Film On TV(FTV)

It’s the last Koid addon from this list of best Kodi addons for Movies Streaming, it also a good option for you guys and it’s quite popular among Kodi users.It is the god of movie lovers and the media library of the FTV are very amazing.

And most amazing and fabulous feature of FTV is it also offers the user to record the online content we were watching, but to access this feature you need an FTV account.You couldn’t find any link you can download it from here- http://repo.cazwall.com/sc/

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

best kodi addons

Music Box

Music Box is one of the best Kodi addons for Music, it comes into sight a few years back and after it has become the favorite of the Kodi users for music streaming.Music Box has huge and marvelous music library for users which is always updated.So, if you like Music Box then from one click you can play any song on Music Box.

Tuneln Radio

Tuneln is popular among Mobile and PC users but it’s also very popular among Kodi users.Tuneln is also an excellent radio add-on, it’s a must for the Radio lover who listens to music on the go using their smartphone and tablets with Kodi.

Also, guys, you can also search for the music station according to your location, language, and genre by simply search from the Search box.And you can even sync the Kodi media with TuneIn Radio even if you SignIn with Free Account.

MP3 Streams

MP3 Stream also a best Kodi addon for Music lovers.It’s a quite popular music addon for Kodi.Many Kodi users familiar with MP3 Stream addon and its media library is amazingly ordered into different categories like Top albums, trending, rap, jazz, hip-hop etc.So, MP3 Streams also a good option for best Kodi addons for music streaming.


BeatZ is the only Kodi addon which is available for all FireTV Users, it’s an amazing Music addon available for Kodi.The content available on the BeatZ is amazingly Awesome and it’s updated regularly, also its source music comes from the wide numbers of websites.And the Users interface of BeatZ is very simple and clean.

Rave Player

Rave Player media library has the amazingly huge collection of music, it’s available for Kodi quite a long time and it’s never disappointing any  Kodi user.And some features of Rave Player make it different other music add-ons like it offers some additional music section Mix Tape and DJ sets and most of the users of Rave Player really like.

Rave Player updates its music library on daily bases and always adding new songs on daily bases.If you like this addon just download and enjoy music streaming.

Best Kodi Addon For Live TV

best kodi addons

cCloud TV

cCloud TV addon is a cloud base Kodi addon for watching TV shows.It was the most widely used Kodi addon but at sometimes it’s facing some problem now.But don’t take a tension it still provides its content to its users.

cCloud TV offers its channels from streams around the world, but some users face problem-related language.It has the very large range of international TV channels you can watch on it, there are more than 20 categories to offers the users.But some of its categories still not working properly.And if you like cCloud and want to download it, you can download it from here.

Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV also a good option for you guys, it’s a nirvana for the Kodi Users who love streaming the IPTV channels.This Kodi addon is a global streaming add-on for live sporting events, but the few channels of Ultra IPTV are geo-restricted in some countries.But guys for this problem you can use VPN and now you simply watch any channel on Ultra IPTV.

BBC iPlayer WWW

Whole worlds know that BBC has some of the most amazing and famous shows that are available on the TV.So, BBC iPlayer WWW fulfills your demand of watch popular TV shows of BBC on your Firestick/PC.The iPlayed WWW brings you all BBC Shows to your Kodi, it’s user interface also very awesome and provides the user amazing experience.

You can easily watch all kind of old and newest shows of BBC and also you can find some educational programming, movies and other types of content.But there is a problem with iPalyer WWW to use the iPlayer WWW you need the UK IP address to watch its content, so you can use the VPN and you easily access its content.


USTVNow is a widely used Kodi addon but the main reason for the success its popularity in the United States.It’s ranked to the used best Kodi addon in the United State.USTV required a subscription from its official website.And its user interface is pretty decent and easy to use.It offers the channels like NBC, ESPN, CBS and Fox News for streaming on it.


BritFils is a worldwide exclusively launched Kodi addon for British fans from all over the world.So, if you are a British and miss your shows then you can watch your favorite TV shows and all the live streaming.Also, you can watch other kinds of stuff on BritFlix like movies and Documentaries that kill your boredom and keep you entertained all day.You can get this Addon in the Bizzle Build Repository.

UK Turk’s Playlists

UK Turk is one of the oldest Kodi add-ons and it still working smoothly.It regularly updates and fixes the problem and fix all kind of errors and add new content.UK Turk’s offers users the huge amount of content but most of the content available on this addon from UK and Turkey, but you can also find international content.

And this Kodi addon brings very specific content categories, so if you want a wid categories addon then you should drop the name of this addon on your list of best Kodi Addon for Live TV.

Best Kodi Addons for Anime Shows

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AnimeGo is a marvelous Kodi addon for streaming Anime Shows on Kodi, It’s the first choice of every Anime Lover to watch shows on Kodi using PC/smartphones/Firestick.AnimeGo has the over 500+ online content for their users to watch on AnimeGo.AnimeGo also offers the anime moves, so in this addon, you can also watch the latest or old anime movies.

It offers the user to watch the shows in different video quality and the design and UI of the AnimeGO are very users friendly it is very easy to use.So, if you are an Anime fan you just download the AnimeGO and sit back and enjoy the Anime shows on AnimeGo.


KissAnime is heaven for the anime lovers, its have over 6000+ anime Movies and Show and it’s regularly updated, there is no such type of Kodi addon which offers that much amount of various Anime shows.

The User Interface of the KissAnime are amazing and the designed of KissAnime are simple and everything is well organized under different heads like popular, most watched, date, new release etc.Even you can watch the old anime shows of your childhood, you can stream any kind of anime show just one go.So if you like the list of best Kodi addon for anime shows then you can download the KissAnime from here.

Best Kodi Addons For Fitness/ Workout

best kodi addons

Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness is from one of the best Kodi addons for fitness or workout.Pulse helps you to guides you about fitness and train you in the right manner.It also informed you about exercise, weight gaining, weight- lifting, diet tips, and yoga etc.

And if you ever feel demotivated, it also helps you a collection of motivational videos keep you going and live the healthier life.So, if you need to lose some weight and need a personal trainer then you can try the Pulse Fitness Kodi Addon.


Physicality is a Kodi addon which is all about the motivational and workout programs videos.It helps you to keep motivated about your fitness and health, its the best fitness Kodi addon for initial workout stage.

If you’re a UFC Fan and want the physique like your favorite UFC superstar, Physicality also let you know about UFC fights and also know about the fitness regime of your favorite UFC star so you also try to gain that sort of Physique.


BAMF TV is one of the most amazing and multifunctional best Kodi Addons for Fitness between sports loves and Fitness enthusiasts.As we said that it’s a multifunctional Kodi Addon, it manager tons of fitness videos, diet tips, yoga etc., but also you can find a separate sports section on the BAMF TV.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV is best Kodi Addon among all the Live TV Kodi addons.But unfortunately, many users of the Kodi are might be unaware of its hidden section where you can get many tutorials related Fitness and workout from professionals.So, if you are both a fitness freak and a sports lover then you really like this Kodi Addon.

Best Premium Kodi Addons

best kodi addons


Ace IPTV is one of the best Kodi Addon for Premium Content and it offers the variety of content.It’s an authorized and completely legal as compares to other Kodi Addons, but if you want to use Ace IPTV Addon you’ll be pay premium fee to access the content.

In Ace IPTV Addon you can watch many popular sports channels like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB etc. and also you can watch thousands of Movies and TV shows on the Ace IPTV.So, if add this addon to Kodi, you access many other channels also like BBC, Fox, HBO, Sky Movies and much more.


Sports Access is a premium Sports Kodi Addon that offers the user to access sports of the different continents of the World.So, if you are sports junky and love to watch sports of different regions then SportsAccess is the best Kodi Addons for you.

If you subscribe the SportsAccess you can access all the Famous sports matches like NBA, football, NFL etc.This addon also brings the content of copious of different channels like SkySports.The payment method of the SportsAccess are little weird it only accepts the Bitcoin for Premium subscription it’s only for your privacy.

Mania HD

Main HD is another paid Kodi addon, it offers the excellent streaming quality of TV shows and other programs.You can watch any kind of sports matches on the Mania HD and its offers awesome Viedo Quality.

The monthly subscription of the Mania HD about $16 per month and its also offers a saving package which offers almost $67 per year.And if you are a sports junkie you can watch any kind of sports you love to watch.

Best Kodi Addons for Geo-Restricted Content

Maverick TV

Maverick is a new Kodi Addon and recently introduced to Kodi users, it’s gain huge popularity among TV channel viewers of Firestick and other platform Kodi users.It offers users to watch different IPTV channels like TV shows, Movies, and sports etc. from the all around the World.

So, if you want to enjoy the Maverick TV and it’s features then you first need a Kodi VPN.Also, you can download the Maverick TV addon from here- http://maverickrepo.net/.

Ultimate IPTV

IPTV also a Kodi addon but this Kodi addon is less know on the list of best Kodi addons for geo-restricted content.But it’s a marvelous Koid Addon and it does the amazing Job.

Ultimate  IPTV hosts huge amounts of channels across the world but many channels Ultimate IPTV hosts are might be the Geo-restricted in your region.But the solution to this problem is very easy you can VPN by just installing into you Kodi and you can enjoy all the channels that are Geo-restricted in your region.


StreamHub is an Offical Replacement for a popular Kodi Addon called Live HUB addon.It has an integrated addon called Mobdro which features the different TV channels of different countries.

So if you access the channels in StreamHub you need a VPN to stream which easily allows you to stream the Geo-restricted channels.If you try this Kodi Addon you want to also install the VPN on your Kodi and download the StreamHub from here- http://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub/repository.streamhub.zip

Zem TV

Zem is from one of the best Kodi addons from the list.It offers the premium the TV Channels in all over the world like India, US, UK, Russia etc.And Zem is updating on daily bases and never get crashed when it running.

It offers the various categories of TV channels like sports, movies, cartoons etc. and the quality of the all the channels are HD.SO, overall guys, the Zem TV is excellent option to choose from the list of best Kodi addons, if you like Zem TV  download from here- http://srp.nu/


Smooth is also the best option for accessing Geo-Restricted on the Kodi.It streams the more than 50 live channels in all over the Glob and the video quality of the channels are awesome.

You can also change the Video quality resolution like 540p, 720p, and 1080p and even in HD, the Addons runs very smoothly.You can also watch some sports channels on SmothStream.Download SmoothStrams From here- http://srp.nu/

Best Kodi Addons for Cartoons

best kodi addons

Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr

It’s a best Koid Addon for Kids to watch a cartoon shows on Firestick TV and if you are a Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr fan then you really like this Kodi Addon.It shows the all type of Nickelodeon cartoon you are watching on your TV.

The UI of this Kodi Addon is very user-friendly and very nice.It’s very easy to operate and navigate even your kids are operating this Addon very easily.So, if your kids love to watch cartoon you can download this Kodi addon and enjoy with your kids.

Super Cartoons Kodi

Super Cartoon is from one of the best Koid Addons for Cartoon shows streaming.It has the great media library and super easy interface, it’s very easy to navigate due to its special design for children.The all media content available on the Super Cartoons are very well categorized and differentiate using heads like the most watch, popular, new etc.

You even watch any cartoons episode on super cartoons Kodi addon and you can also play the old cartoons show of your childhood.So, if you need this Kodi addon you can get it from here- http://kdil.co/repo/

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is both a cartoon addon and an educational addon for Children.It provides many cartoon channels for entertainment and also provides educational stuff for kids.And the use of the cartoon HD is fully safe for use and you can easily use cartoon HD.

Also, the UI of the Cartoon HD is pretty good and easy to use for kids, the design of cartoon HD is very nice and the content is well categorized using different heads.So, if you like Cartoon HD download this Kodi.


CaroonsOn is amazing Kodi and popular among the Kids or cartoon lovers.CaroonsOn has the huge media library and offers the loots of cartoon shows which are loved by both generation Children as well as adults also.

And CartoonOn has also a great collection of lates and old animated moves for kids and adults.So, it also a good option from the list of best Kodi Addons for Cartoon.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming UFC/WWE

best kodi addons

Planet MMA

Planet MMA from one of the best kodi addons for watching UFC on your amazon Firestick.This Kodi addon was shut down for a while but now it back again for Kodi users.So, Planet MMA is for UFC fight lover and offers all the UFC pay-per-view matches, old, new, face -off and many more.So, if you’re an MMA Fan then you really like Planet MMA and you can download it from this- http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/

WWE On Demand

You must know by the name of this Kodi addon this addon is for WWE fans.On this addon you can watch all WWE events like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, RAM, SmackDown and much more WWE events.

The UI of WWE On Demand is really nice for its users and easy to use for any kind of users even if it was a kid or an Old person.And you can even Stream the Old matches of WWE like old WrestleMania, SummerSlam etc.Download WWE On Demand and check out its awesome features- http://ares-repo.eu


It’s an Old Kodi Addon and the updated version of an Addon called Erstwhile, it’s an Addon which is well known amongst all UFC fans.By Sanctuary you can easily watch all UFC matches using various sports channels and you can also watch the repeat or highlights of any match.

On the Sanctuary there are also various sports besides UFC, you can also watch some other sports matches on Sanctuary.And Sanctuary has an amazing collection of Sports machetes like Old and New events.So, if you like it, you can download it from here- http://sanctuaryrepo.esy.es/sanc/

Wrestle Nation

Wrestle Nation also a good option for best Kodi Addons For streaming UFC/WWE, it’s a great Addon many wrestling fans really like this Kodi addon, unlike WWE Fans.It offers other Sports events like UFC, TNA but it’s unable to show WWE.And User Interface of Wrestle Nation is pretty decent and acceptable.

So, if your a UFC and doesn’t like WWE that much then you can download this Addon and never miss any wrestling match and download this- http://srp.nu/

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I hope you all like the article and it’s really helps you to find your best Kodi addon.If you face any problem related to the Kodi addon, feel free to share your Problem with me by comments or Social media.If any of the mentioned Kodi Addon or Link are not working or stopped, so please inform me on the comment section if you find anyone.

If your friend or colleague asks you to suggest some best Kodi addons for their Firestick then please share this post with your friends.And please gives the feedback about this post in the comment section and if you know about any other Kodi addon then tell us by comments.If you liked this post of best Kodi Addons then don’t forget to share on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.



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